Sun Rises Speech & Language Services is a pediatric bilingual in-home therapy practice providing the convenience of therapy services in the client's most natural environment. 

Sun Rises was founded by a speech-language pathologist and mother with a passion for wellness and a vision to serve children and families in a holistic manner. A holistic therapy approach focuses on viewing and treating the client as a whole acknowledging that the body is a series of complex and interconnected systems. My therapy model is comprehensive not only addressing speech/language/feeding difficulties, but searching for the root causes of each challenge.



At Sun Rises a collaborative approach with clients, parents, caregivers, teachers, medical professionals and other important members involved in the care of a client is viewed as essential to achieve effective and efficient therapy outcomes. This team approach promotes a positive environment and allows for all members to work together to meet common goals resulting in the most effective and efficient treatment outcome. 


An individualized and specialized treatment model approach is used to promote overall success in the clients and families I serve. Therapy is tailored to meet each client's individual needs. My treatment approach is play-based as I believe therapy should be engaging and enjoyable. Play is the medium through which a child learns best and provides a foundation for acquiring new skills. You can expect a harmonious, fun and respectful relationship in therapy. 



I believe in a family-centered approach to empower and coach families for sustainable and long-term success. A family-centered approach also ensures that I am working in collaboration with families to create individualized plans and goals for each client I serve. Families are an integral part of the therapy team and are viewed as valued members. 

Areas of Service

Sun Rises provides in-home services and face-to-face therapy in Austin, Spicewood, Lakeway, Bee Cave, Marble Falls, and Dripping Springs. 

For families who prefer videoconferencing, Sun Rises provides Telepractice to families all over the state of Texas. 

Now Accepting New Clients

Hello! Welcome!

My name is Jackie. I am the owner and founder of Sun Rises Speech & Language! I offer speech/language, feeding and myofunctional therapy in English and Spanish

Why choose Sun Rises for

Speech-Language-Feeding-Myofunctional Therapy


Is your native language Spanish?

I am a bilingual speech language pathologist and I offer services in English and Spanish based on each client's needs.  It is important that your needs and treatment sessions are completed and met in your own native language.   

Stacking Blocks

A client's natural environment is where I believe therapy to be the most successful. 

 I offer services in the comfort of your own home. I travel to daycare centers, schools and throughout the  community.

I provide in-home and telepractice services based upon the needs of each family.

Diverse Kindergarten

I believe in a family-centered, play-based and holistic approach.  My therapy model ensures collaboration with my clients' caregivers, teachers, and healthcare providers. I view everyone on my clients' therapy team as valued members. 


I really enjoyed her working with my daughter. She was very calm, patient and understanding. My daughter learned a lot from her the couple years we worked with her. I highly recommend this company. 

Amalia V.

Parent of a child with speech and language disorder

Jackie es la mejor terapeuta del habla q mi hija a tenido. Es paciente, dedicada ,respetuosa con los niños. Mi niña aprendió mucho con ella la recomiendo fuertemente. 

Maria S.

Parent of a child with speech and language disoder