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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Does my child need speech/language, feeding, or orofacial myofunctional therapy?


We would love to hear from you. Calling to speak to us directly with any questions and concerns regarding your child's development is highly encouraged. 

Feel free to view this free resource to obtain more information on developmental milestones. Child Milestone Checklists For All Ages | Milestone Tracking (

Q. Where do you provide services? 


We are an in-home therapy practice. We travel to you and provide therapy in the comfort of your home. Being an in-home therapy practice allows us the flexibility to also provide services in the child's daycare or school. We travel throughout Austin. 

Q. What is the process to begin therapy? 

1. We recommend an initial consultation call to ensure Sun Rises is the perfect fit for you and your family as well as to answer any questions you may have.


2. If you choose Sun Rises as your provider after speaking to us, it is recommended to contact your child's pediatrician to obtain a prescription for evaluation and treatment.

The prescription can be faxed to 833-524-1923. 

3. We then create a digital chart for your child on our electronic system and send our intake forms via our Client Portal. Forms are to be completed by parents and/or caregivers. 

4. Once all documentation is completed and received, we contact you to schedule an evaluation. Please note, we do not schedule evaluations until all documentation is received. 

5. Soon after the evaluation is scheduled, we collect a $50 non-refundable deposit via our client portal to secure the appointment. 

 Q. Why do you collect a deposit?  

A deposit is our effort to make certain that clients are considerate of the time we place in preparing for the appointment. It ensures that families who are truly committed to the evaluation process will obtain an appointment without lengthy waitlists.

Your deposit will be applied to the total evaluation cost once the evaluation has been completed.

Q. What does an evaluation with Sun Rises look like? 

Our mission is to provide comprehensive assessments which allows us to view the whole child and find the root cause of symptoms.


We are holistic in our approach. We understand the impacts of sleep, oral habits, and adequate oral motor skills for the development of a child. Therefore, our intake forms and ALL of our evaluations include additional inquiries regarding your child's sleeping and oral habits as well your child's feeding history.

Every evaluation includes a thorough oral mechanism exam (checking and evaluating the oral and facial structures), skilled clinical observations, parent/client interview and formal and/or informal assessments. We request permission to obtain pictures and videos for additional information as well as to measure progress throughout our treatment. 

Q. How soon after the evaluation can we start therapy? 


If your child qualifies for services, we can typically begin therapy sessions 5-7 business days after the evaluation. Time frame may be subject to change depending on our current waitlist. Please speak to us further regarding our schedule. 

Q. Do you accept insurance? 

At this time, Sun Rises is out-of-network with all insurance carriers. We encourage families to call their insurance company to inquire about Out-of-Network benefits as some carriers may cover costs.  

Q. What forms of payment do you accept? 

We accept cash, credit cards, HSA & FSA cards.


In order to assist families in obtaining more information regarding their health insurance policy, we offer an 

Insurance Verification Form. This form guides families with specific questions to ask their insurance carriers regarding what services are covered within their policy. We provide each family with anticipated diagnostic and treatment codes based on the child's anticipated needs. 

In addition, we provide Superbills for families with Out-of-Network benefits to submit to their insurance companies for reimbursement. 

The Superbill is a detailed receipt and contains important information commonly requested by insurance companies, such as the date of service (DOS), place of service (POS), patient information, provider information, procedure code(s) or CPT code(s), all applicable diagnosis code(s), and associated fees. 

We encourage families to call their insurance provider to determine coverage for speech therapy and ask if superbills are accepted. Please note that it is the responsibility of the parent/caregiver to check with their health insurance policy to determine what services are covered.

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